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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is protected  MA House Cleaning Inc.

MA House Cleaning, Inc., hereafter referred to as Magda House Cleaning Services, feels you have a right to know what information we collect when you visit our website. The guidelines below apply only to your visit our website

We will not sell, rent, release, or otherwise disseminate your personal information.

Trademark Information

MA House Cleaning Inc are registered trademark.

MA Desing Reg. No. 4,005,521 Registered Aug. 2,2011 Int. Cl.:37

MA House Cleaning Inc

Data Collection

Personal information (name, address, email, phone, home specs) are required if you request an online house cleaning estimate or paying your cleaning services. Other than using this information to verify your service area and review your home specs to provide an accurate cleaning estimate, this data is discarded and not used by us further in any way.

Persons who supply their phone number on-line to request a cleaning quote will only receive telephone or email contact from us regarding clarification for house cleaning or scheduling of services they have placed on-line.

MA House Cleaning Inc uses statistical tracking software for analysis of site volume. This software may use cookies to track user navigation for summary reporting only.


We want you to know that we may use "cookies" which are small text files that are placed on a visitor's computer hard drive that, among other things, allows us to record how many times a user has visited our site. The information is "generic" and helps us maintain your preferences between visits, provides us with demographic information and also helps us determine the numbers of different users who visit our site. This important information enables us to improve the value of our site materials. However, if you prefer not to share this "generic" information with us, then you can disable your "cookies" by utilizing your Web browser's features.

Privacy Policies of Third - Party Sites

Although we value your privacy, we do not provide links to third parties or banner ads for your protection.

If you have any comments or questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact:

MA House Cleaning Inc (Magda House Cleaning Services)


Tel: (978) 401-7997

       Mon/ to Sat 8am to 5 pm.

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