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Here’s What You Get by Space

Extra Services Offered

– Clean Inside Fridge
– Clean Inside Oven
– Green Supplies
– Clean inside kitchen cabinets
– Finished Basement
– Wash, dry, and fold one load

– Kitchen Spaces

Cobweb Removal
Ceiling Fan
Blinds and Window Ledges
Clean Stove Top & Stove Fan
Clean Microwave
Clean Countertops
Clean Large Electronic Appliances
Scrub & Clean Sinks
Polish all Stainless Steel Surfaces
Dust/Wipe Doors
Empty Trash Can
Dust & Wipe Laundry Area
Vacuum Kitchen & Laundry Floors & Rugs
Baseboard & Corners Detail Cleaning
Mop Kitchen & Laundry Floors
Clean Entrance Glass Door.

Let Us Kown if you like to add more :) 


– Bath & Tub Spaces

Cobweb Removal
Ceiling Fans Detail Cleaning
Dust Blinds, Window Ledges, & Furniture
Wipe Bathroom Cabinets
Scrub & Clean Sinks
Clean Countertops
Clean Mirrors & Shine Chrome
Scrub & Clean Toilets
Scrub & Clean Tubs
Scrub & Clean Showers
Empty Trash Can(s)
Vacuum Bathroom Floors & Rugs
Baseboard Detail Cleaning
Mop Bathroom Floors
Dust/Wipe Doors


– Bedrooms & Living Spaces

Cobweb Removal
Ceiling Fan Detail Cleaning
Dust Blinds and Window Ledges/Base
Make Beds & Change Bed Linens
Dust Furniture & Decorations
Clean Glass Table Tops
Empty Trash in All Bedrooms & Living Spaces
Vacuum All Carpet, Small Rugs, & Stairs
Baseboard Detail Cleaning
Vacuum Closet Shelves & Drawers
Dust/Wipe Doors


Contact us To Schedule a Time for the In Person Deep Cleaning Estimate. Every Customer is Unique.

Deep cleaning services are ideal for clients whose apartments or homes have not been cleaned for a good three month period. Also, if your home receives regular cleaning on a routine basis, it’s time to switch things up a bit with intense sanitation by its side. If you wish to add greater value to your home before making a bid, then deep cleaning services from Magda House Cleaning  is definitely the way to go. Similarly, moving into your new residences requires thorough hygiene to assist you in settling in.

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